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Hello and welcome to Venustas, the AFL approved fanlisting for the amazing and ethereal Emperor Hotohori/Seishuku Saihitei of Watase Yuu's tragic Fushigi Yuugi. Appearing cold and withdrawn on his throne, he is actually a warm and kind man who loves his people and detests meaningless battles and the lives they cost. If you are a fan of this incredible character, please join the fanlisting! I hope you enjoy your stay~ :D
This fanlisting was last updated on April 01st 2018 with a total member count of 10(+0 pending) from 4 countries. Welcome Riho to the list! Listing powered by Enthusiast.
The current layout features a beautiful scan of Hotohori from the manga. It was an experiment, really, and I'm still not sure if I'm entirely satisfied with it. It features resources from Hybrid Genesis, crazykira-resources@dA, and urbanstrokes@lj.

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